Water Activities

Water Slides

  • The 18’ Water Slide can be used wet or dry. Terrific on a hot day. Great for ages 4-adult. 16’X16’. Available in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell and surrounding areas.

  • The 14 feet Water Slide can be used wet or dry. A great time for children 4-14. A must on a hot day. 8 X 20.

Slip ‘N Dip

The Slip N Dip is a great way to cool off in the summer. This water slide appeals to ages 12 and older. We do lots of parties for teens and young adults with the Slip N Dip and they love it. 6’X24’


The Robosurfer is a terrific center piece for any Hawaiian themed party. Also great for 60’s parties. Skateboarders love the Robosurf. Operates from 0-100 to make it safe and fun for all ages. 18’X24’

Obstacle Course

The Obstacle Course is one of our most popular activities. With 4 different styles to choose from, you can entertain most any group. Great for fund raisers in that you can run over 400 kids through it per hour. Hardly ever a line in that it moves so fast. Ages 3 – adult. 14’X52’

Fun House

  • The Paradise Funhouse can be used for anything from a jungle theme to a Hawaiian theme. It has a Jump and a slide to entertain for hours. 30X16

  • The Dora Funhouse is a popular themed funhouse. With a jump and a slide, they will play for hours. Good for ages 12 and younger. Can be used wet or dry. 30’X16’

  • Our Circus Funhouse is a jump and a slide. Great for ages 10 and younger. This one can only be used dry. 24’X18’

  • We have a Castle Funhouse for your princess or knight. With a bounce house and a jump, it provides hours of fun. Can be used wet or dry. 30’X16

Foam Party

If you want to do something different, a Foam Party may be just the thing. A great way to dance and play in the foam. 20’X20’

Dunk Tank

Dunk tanks are always great. Either for your fund raiser or just to dunk mom and dad. Always a kick. This dunk tank can even be disassembled so you can set it up indoors or in the back yard. Fun for all ages. 8’X4’