Teen & Adult

Body Bubbles

Body Bubbles is an exciting new sport sweeping the nation. You and your friends will be set loose on a field while securely strapped into bubble suits. To imagine the excitement of this incredible sport for yourself just picture yourself strapped into an inflatable bubble while running head on into your opponent. The rules that confine you each day don’t exist in this game. You can bump and nudge your way to the goal all while feeling safe and secure with your “bubble” protecting you! Better yet, let your team worry about scoring while you cause a runway to the goal by safely sending your friends bouncing down the field.


Sumo Wrestling

Sumo Wrestling has entertained for years in the area. Watch as your friends bump into each other and fall over. As much fun to watch as it is to do. Sumo Wrestling always draws a crowd and gets a laugh. Great for teens and adults. Smaller suits for children as well. 16’X16’


Obstacle Course

  • The Obstacle Course is one of our most popular activities. With 4 different styles to choose from, you can entertain most any group. Great for fund raisers in that you can run over 400 kids through it per hour. Hardly ever a line in that it moves so fast. Ages 3 – adult. 14’X52′


  • The Obstacle Course is one of our most popular activities. With 4 different styles to choose from, you can entertain most any group. Great for fund raisers in that you can run over 400 kids through it per hour. Hardly ever a line in that it moves so fast. Ages 3 – adult. 14’X52′


Speed Pitch

The Speed Pitch is a great way to entertain. With a radar gun participants can compete to see who can throw the fastest. Great for picnics, school carnivals, graduation parties or anywhere teen and adults can compete. 12’X20’


Slip ‘N Dip

The Slip N Dip is a great way to cool off in the summer. This water slide appeals to ages 12 and older. We do lots of parties for teens and young adults with the Slip N Dip and they love it. 6’X24’


Rock Wall

The Rock Wall is terrific for all ages. On a trailer the Rock Wall can be lifted into place in minutes. With 3 sides, easy, medium, and hard, this wall appeals to all skills and abilities. At 24’ high it is a real feat to reach the top. Easy and safe with its automatic belay system. Great for all outdoor events. 12’X20’



The Gyro/Orbitron is a fun and exciting ride for ages 5-adult. Just get strapped in and our staff will help you spin. From head over heels to side to side this is a great hit for all ages. The ride is not what you expect. From slow to fast, very few people even begin to get queasy. A great ride indoor or out. 16’X16’



The Orbiter is a great ride. You determine the speed yourself. A real thrill ride. A great ride for ages 3-adult. On trailer. 8’X20’


Mechanical Bull

The Mechanical Bull is a terrific ride for all ages. Our staff can control the bull in such a way that it is very safe. We can buck it like a real rodeo bull, or run it like a milk cow, you decide. Great for any western themed event, graduation party, corporate event or any other time you want to really impress your guests. 20’X24’


Laser Tag

Laser Tag is a favorite of all ages. Either use our high tech guns and vests in your arena or use our inflatable space ship arena. Guns and vests keep score so you can compete with your friends to see who is the best shot. Great activity for schools and churches. 40’X50’



Blake McDaniel is one of the finest Hypnotists in the country. We work with Blake to bring you quality entertainment. He has done everything from corporate events to High School Grad parties, from private parties to fund raising events. All shows are audience appropriate. There is no offensive humor in his shows. These pictures show a classic bit in his show. Half of these students are under hypnosis.

They have been told that they are in love with the first thing they see when they open their eyes. As each student opens his or her eyes, they find they are in love. Girls in love with boys, boys with girls, girls with girls, boys with boys, and yes, even a shoe. Great for teen through adult. You should have a stage with about 15 chairs for those he works with.


Human Bowling

Human Bowling is a fun and exciting game. Just strap yourself in the “Ball” and then let your friends roll you down the lane to knock down the pins. Head over heels you go with your so called “friends” doing their best to give you a real ride. Great for ages 12-adult. Lane size is 18’X30’


Gladiator Joust

The Gladiator Joust is a great activity with just enough contact to make it interesting. Just stand on your pedestal and knock your partner off his with your padded Joust Stick. Great for teen and adult. 24’X24’


Giant Twister

The Giant Twister is like twister on steroids. Played on an inflatable to make it hard to stand up and 10 times the surface to play on, it can turn a game into a real party. Great for all ages. 25’X25’


Dunk Tank

Dunk tanks are always great. Either for your fund raiser or just to dunk mom and dad. Always a kick. This dunk tank can even be disassembled so you can set it up indoors or in the back yard. Fun for all ages. 8’X4’


DJ & Karaoke

We have the best DJ’s with over 25 years combined experience. Tyson, Shane, Robbie and Robin can make your party a success. We do weddings, school dances, sock hops, picnics, corporate parties, 16th birthday parties or whatever you need. We will meet with you to plan the music at no charge. Let us help your event get that party atmosphere. 10’X5’

Our Karaoke systems make the party. With over 6,500 songs to choose from, you can sing like Elvis or Carrie Underwood. Just try to find a type of music we don’t have. Have us host your party, or do it yourself, either way, it’s a party maker. We have nicer systems and better selections than most clubs in the area. 4’X2’


Dangle Hopper

The Dangle Hopper or Trampoline Thing is one of our most popular items. Good for ages 5-Adult. This has been a very safe exciting activity. Hook up the bungee cords and just start jumping, eventually you won’t touch the trampoline anymore, you just dangle from the bungee cords. This allows you to do flips and somersaults without fear of landing on your head. What a great activity. Can be done indoors or out. 20’X18’


Bungee Run

The Bungee Run is fun for all ages. Hook yourself to a bungee cord and you and your partner race to see who can pull the hardest. This is one activity that they will come back to again and again. We have smaller bungee cords for children as young as 6. Let us know so we can change the bungee cords. The Bungee run is also great for teens and adults. 35’X8′


Bungie Ball

Bungee ball is a fast and fun activity. It’s like a game of basketball and tug of war all at the same time. Great fun for ages 8 – adult. 15’X30’


Bell Ringer

A great way to draw attention. The Bell Ringer lets dads flex their muscles and impress the crowd. This Classic midway activity challenges ages 12 – adult. We also have a clown strike for the little ones. 6’X6’