Sport Games

Body Bubbles

Body Bubbles is an exciting new sport sweeping the nation. You and your friends will be set loose on a field while securely strapped into bubble suits. To imagine the excitement of this incredible sport for yourself just picture yourself strapped into an inflatable bubble while running head on into your opponent. The rules that confine you each day don’t exist in this game. You can bump and nudge your way to the goal all while feeling safe and secure with your “bubble” protecting you! Better yet, let your team worry about scoring while you cause a runway to the goal by safely sending your friends bouncing down the field.

Speed Pitch

The Speed Pitch is a great way to entertain. With a radar gun participants can compete to see who can throw the fastest. Great for picnics, school carnivals, graduation parties or anywhere teen and adults can compete. 12’X20′

Miniature Golf

Miniature Golf is a great activity for all ages. We have 9 holes with different configurations. Take one hole, 2 holes or all 9. We price them per hole or a discount for multiple holes. Each hole is 8’X12′

Baseball Throw

So how accurate you can throw a baseball? This vinyl catcher has a small target you throw intoto see if he can catch it. Great for any sports themed event or party. 3’X15′

Double Shot Basketball

This competitive game of horse is fast and exciting as you compete to see who can hit ten baskets first. Great for all ages

Football Toss

Boise State’s success at football make this midway game even more popular. With BSU’s nerf footballs and colors, this draws attention at any event. 3’X15′