Kiddie Train

The Kiddie Train is a lot of fun for children of all ages. Can be used for 2 children or one adult and an infant. With 15 cars you can entertain a lot of children at a time. Keeping you close to the ground, the Kiddie Train is pulled with a garden tractor. It’s able to maneuver in tight areas and can also be used to transport crowds.

Carousel Swing

The Carousel Swing is a wonderful option whenever you need to entertain lots of little ones. Best for ages 10 and younger, the Carousel Swing keeps children entertained for hours. Great for school carnivals, church events or anywhere you have lots of children. You can run over 300 children through it per hour. 25’X25′

Mechanical Bull

The Mechanical Bull is a terrific ride for all ages. Our staff can control the bull in such a way that it is very safe. We can buck it like a real rodeo bull, or run it like a milk cow, you decide. Great for any western themed event, graduation party, corporate event or any other time you want to really impress your guests. 20’X24′


The Gyro/Orbitron is a fun and exciting ride for ages 5 – adult. Just get strapped in and our staff will help you spin. From head over heels to side to side, this is a great hit for all ages. The ride is not what you expect. From slow to fast, very few people even begin to get queasy. A great ride indoor or out. 16’X16′


The Orbiter is a great ride. You determine the speed yourself. A real thrill ride for ages 3-adult. On trailer. 8’X20′

Dangle Hopper

The Dangle Hopper, or Trampoline Thing, is one of our most popular items. Good for ages 5 – Adult. This has been a very safe, exciting activity. Hook up the bungee cords and just start jumping, eventually you won’t touch the trampoline anymore, you just dangle from the bungee cords. This allows you to do flips and somersaults without fear of landing on your head. Can be done indoors or out. 20’X18′