Midway Games & Concessions


SnoCones are great for any summertime event, but lots of group use it in the winter as well. Cool and refreshing. A terrific fund raiser activity. Great for school carnivals, picnics or any family event. 3’X3’


Slushy Machine

The Margarita Machine makes a great refreshing drink. When you want to make your event a little more special, add the Margarita Machine. Use as is or add your own alcohol. 4’X4’



The popcorn Popper pops the popcorn and you try to catch it with a net. Great game for children of all ages. 3’X3’






Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy is a must for carnivals. Easy to set up and easy to use. Make hundreds of sweet balls of cotton for your event. A great fund raiser. Great for school carnivals, picnics or any family event. 3’X3’


Duck Pond

This colorful midway game caters to children 4 and under. Imagination flies when the children engage in these midway games. 6’X8′


Spinning Wheel

The Bolt Spinning Wheel is a spinning wheel that can be changed to fit your theme. Spin the wheel and win prizes. Great for all ages. 3’X3′


Whiffle Ball Throw

The classic midway game of throwing whiffle balls and seeing if you can get them to stay in the basket. Colors can be altered to match your school or colors for event. Great for all ages. 4’X4′


Monkey Business

Everybody loves monkeys. Monkey Business lets you throw bananas into the monkeys mouth. Great for children of all ages. 4’X4′


Western Shoot Out

The shoot out has a western theme with saloon doors and targets behind them. Take your rubber band gun and shoot the targets behind the doors. 4’X4′


Block Out

Block Out is a great game of knocking other blocks off the stand. A great midway game for all ages. 6’X8′


Frisbee Throw

Try your Frisbee skills by throwing it through the holes in the back drop. Harder than it looks, but lots of fun. 4’X6′


Bee Hive

The Bee Hive is colorful and fun. Children throw balls to see if they can hit the higher point hole on the board. Great for children of all ages. 5’X5′


Puppy Package

The Puppy Package allows you the opportunity to give the dog a bone. Throw the bones into the mouth of the dog and score points. Great for children of all ages. 4’X4′


Ball Glide

Glide the ball along the metal rods to see how far back you can send it. Spread the rods and the ball rolls back, too far and it drops. Challenging for all ages. 3’X3′


Penguin Puck

This great themed midway game is fun and exciting for the little ones. Best for ages 8 and under. 4’X5′


Candy House

The Candy House midway game is colorful and fun. Throw the bean bags and knock down the succors. Great fun for children of all ages. 5’X4′


Ski Ball

The Ski Ball is a miniature version of the arcade classic. Roll the ball down the alley and skip it up to the holes marked with 25, 50, and 100 points. How many points can you get? Fun for all ages. 2’X8′


Coin Toss

The Wishing Well, or Coin Toss, is a great midway game for the little ones. See how many coins you can flip into the bucket and how many you can flip down the well. Ages 8 and younger. 3’X3′


Clown Strike

The Clown Strike is a great midway game for the little guys. Swing the big hammer and see if you can ring the bell. Set it beside the High Striker and let dad swing at the big one while the little ones swing at the Clown Strike. Ages 8 and younger. 2’X4′


Basketball Flipper

The Basketball Flipper is a different type of midway game. Pull down on the plastic and see if you can flip the ball through the hoop. Fun for children of all ages. 3’X4′


Bull Barn

This is a classic game of horseshoes where guests compete by throwing rubber horseshoes on pegs. Fun for all ages.