Extreme Activities

Rock Wall

The Rock Wall is terrific for all ages. On a trailer the Rock Wall can be lifted into place in minutes. With 3 sides, easy, medium, and hard, this wall appeals to all skills and abilities. At 24’ high it is a real feat to reach the top. Easy and safe with its automatic belay system. Great for all outdoor events. 12’X20’


The Robosurfer is a terrific center piece for any Hawaiian themed party. Also great for 60’s parties. Skateboarders love the Robosurf. Operates from 0-100 to make it safe and fun for all ages. 18’X24’


The Gyro/Orbitron is a fun and exciting ride for ages 5-adult. Just get strapped in and our staff will help you spin. From head over heels to side to side this is a great hit for all ages. The ride is not what you expect. From slow to fast, very few people even begin to get queasy. A great ride indoor or out. 16’X16’


The Orbiter is a great ride. You determine the speed yourself. A real thrill ride. A great ride for ages 3-adult. On trailer. 8’X20’

Mechanical Bull

The Mechanical Bull is a terrific ride for all ages. Our staff can control the bull in such a way that it is very safe. We can buck it like a real rodeo bull, or run it like a milk cow, you decide. Great for any western themed event, graduation party, corporate event or any other time you want to really impress your guests. 20’X24’

Laser Tag

Laser Tag is a favorite of all ages. Either use our high tech guns and vests in your arena or use our inflatable space ship arena. Guns and vests keep score so you can compete with your friends to see who is the best shot. Great activity for schools and churches. 40’X50’

Human Bowling

Human Bowling is a fun and exciting game. Just strap yourself in the “Ball” and then let your friends roll you down the lane to knock down the pins. Head over heels you go with your so called “friends” doing their best to give you a real ride. Great for ages 12-adult. Lane size is 18’X30’

Dangle Hopper

The Dangle Hopper or Trampoline Thing is one of our most popular items. Good for ages 5-Adult. This has been a very safe exciting activity. Hook up the bungee cords and just start jumping, eventually you won’t touch the trampoline anymore, you just dangle from the bungee cords. This allows you to do flips and somersaults without fear of landing on your head. What a great activity. Can be done indoors or out. 20’X18’

Bungee Bull

The Bungee Bull is an exciting activity for all ages. This Bull is suspended on all four corners by Bungee cords. An inflatable is under the Bull so when the person falls off they have a soft landing. One person gets on the Bull and four of his buddies try to buck him off. As his buddies coordinate their pulling, the Bull bucks harder and harder. It’s a great way to keep 5 people entertained at a time. 16’X16’

Bungie Ball

Bungee ball is a fast and fun activity. It’s like a game of basketball and tug of war all at the same time. Great fun for ages 8 – adult. 15’X30’